Everything you need to sell tickets.

Powered by Alf.io, the open source ticket reservation system

Why Alf.io?

Event Ticketing has to be fair. Event Ticketing needs to be private and secure. The best way to ensure that is to use open source software.

As an event organizer, your most important asset are your attendees. Some internet-based ticketing services offer very attractive prices, but then they force your users to become also their users.
We don't like that, and that's why we have developed Alf.io in the first place.

Protect your users and save money: go open source!

Why Swicket?

We are aware that getting an instance of Alf.io up and running on the internet and, more importantly, keeping it healthy, secure, and always updated is not a trivial task.

We are here to help!

Get your own ticketing system up and running in a couple of minutes, with a minimal effort, on your infrastructure - or let us manage it for you.


All prices exclude any applicable tax


€ 250 / deploy

Run your own Alf.io instance, on your infrastructure.
One-click deploy
easy installation/update
Private Data
Data are saved on your servers
Available on:
Security/stability updates included
One-click update for patch releases

Application Updates (optional)

€ 70 / deploy

Keep your Alf.io instance up to date.
One-Click update
Get notified on each new release, decide when to update
Priority bug identification/resolution
Receive patches before anyone else


from € 200 / month

Your private instance, on our infrastructure.
Volume-based pricing. No extra fees.
Simple, predictable, and transparent
Always up-to-date
Security fixes and updates are automatically installed
Priority bug identification/resolution
Receive patches before anyone else
Security/stability updates included
One-click update for patch releases
Dedicated infrastructure
We'll keep your data secure
Custom Domain
for true whitelabeling
Next-Business-day support included
Email / Chat

NGO / Non-Profit / Education friendly
get up to 50% discount on the regular price


1.9% + credit card fees

Ideal for one-time organizers. Coming soon!
Unlimited events
Pay as you go
Your personal space on Swicket!
Basic Support included

Additional Services

On-site check-in support

€ 250 / 4h + T&L

Have one of our operators helping you during the check-in of your attendees.
Check-in stations

€ 200 / station / week

Rent our stations for a faster check-in and for printing the attendees' badge.
Import existing data

on request

Import your existing data to be used with Alf.io.

Frequently Asked Questions

Deploy on your infrastructure

Which version of Alf.io do you install?
We install the latest stable vanillaAlf.io. The same version that you can download from github.
Why should I use Swicket instead of installing Alf.io by myself?
If you're confident installing, securing and keeping up-to-date a live service on the internet, then go for it! We're happy to help if that's not the case.
How does the "deploy on my infrastructure" work?
You give us temporary and limited access to your AWS account in order to provision the needed components (Server, Database, load balancer, etc.) for your Alf.io installation to work. Then you'll have complete (admin) access to it and you can revoke our access until you need us to perform an update.
Is the subscription mandatory?
Subscription to application updates is optional, and the first 15 days are included in the installation price. Afterwards you can decide whether or not to subscribe to the updates. If you want to update the installed version and you're not subscribed, you'll pay the full installation price.
What about the operating costs?
Operating costs are not included in the installation/subscription price. The application is deployed on your infrastructure, therefore the costs will be included in your AWS invoice.

Managed infrastructure

How does the "managed" option work?
We create your Alf.io instance on our cloud infrastructure. We'll pre-configure it for you (maps, email, payments) and get it ready to go. We'll take care also of keeping it healthy, updated and secure.
Is there a minimum period for this?
Yes, the minimum subscription period is three months.
Will you collect money on my behalf?
No. We don't handle your money. You'll receive the income directly on the bank account you configured on your payment provider.
What does "next-business-day" mean?
We'll do our best to reply to your requests within 36h. In case there is a bank holidays, we'll get back to you as soon as we're back.